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MAAK: Australian Designer’s 3D Printed Dress at Vancouver Fashion Week


March 16, 2017
Hanna Watkin

Australian fashion studio MAAK has a 3D printed dress made from butterflies to showcase at Vancouver Fashion Week 2017.

Is 3D printing the best way to make the fashion industry more sustainable? One designer is asking that question and making stunning pieces in the process.

Charne Esterhuizen is a 23-year-old fashion designer from Canberra, Australia. She graduated from TAFE just two years ago and began her own clothing label, MAAK.

To develop her latest piece, she used 3D printing rather than fabric. The 3D printed dress has already drawn a lot of attention and will be on show at the 2017 Vancouver Fashion Week in September. It also wont be difficult to spot; it’s 175cm long and decorated entirely with 3D printed butterflies.

Esterhuizen has spent six months working on this project and estimates that it has cost around $90,000. She’s been collaborating in her mission with several 3D printing companies.

“For one butterfly to be printed it takes five and a half hours … and the dress consists of 130 to 150 butterflies,” says Esterhuizen.

MAAK Believes 3D Printing is the Future of Fashion

Around 800 hours of printing has gone into the dress so far. Aussie 3D is one of the companies working around the clock to make this dream happen.

“We’ve got six dedicated printers running night and day,” says Michael Slavica from Aussie 3D. “Like last night I was in here until 3:00am making sure all the printers were working.”

Although this dress has a hefty price tag, Esterhuizen believes that as the technology develops, this will change. After all, there is no waste in her design, which is a rarity in the fashion industry. Every single off-cut is recycled into a fashion accessory.

She also believes this technology could help make the fashion industry more sustainable. She explains:

“In the world that we live in today, we see a lot of fast fashion and … through that, there is a lot of waste. But you can make these awesome fabrics through 3D printing without harming anyone or any living thing or the environment.”

Going forward, Esterhuizen hopes to change people’s perceptions of 3D printing in the fashion industry. She would also like to create an entire collection printed with sustainable materials. She explains: “3D printing just gives you a lot more opportunity.”

Do you fancy wearing $90,000 worth of rubber butterflies? Check out Esterhuizen’s website or visit the Vancouver Fashion Week official site.

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